Gin Lab

Visit our distillery and Gin lab where you experiment with OriGinCPH's unique flavour’s and mixing using pipettes and other equipment. You design your own Gin with your own taste and after the event you can buy your own unique bottle.

The Team

2 friends - a food gourmet and a chemical engineer - teamed up in 2018 to create a premium gin with no compromises, ORIGINCPH Aronia Dry Gin.

In Copenhagen, Denmark we have established a small but extremely effective distillery. A playground and a place where we curiously and experimentally develop new flavors. In the development of Aronia Dry Gin, we have systematically been working through 450 unique blends and 73 individual distillates before we were satisfied!

Quality Standards

  • 1

    Organic with no compromise

    All botanicals are Organic and the best quality
  • 2

    Small batch production

    Batch size not more than 400 bottles
  • 3

    Premium Danish quality

    We keep a high Danish and Nordic standard in our products