Rare Spices is OriGinCPH’s take on a perfect gin for a Gin & Tonic.

For this gin the best organic ingredients which could be found, such as real cinnamon from Sri Lanka, bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, pink pepper from Brazil and cardamom capsules from Guatemala, have been used. To make the most of these fantastic ingredients, OriGinCPH have used vacuum distillation, as some of the only ones in Denmark, which has given the master distiller even more nuances to work with. The result is a wonderfully complex gin that, with its warm, light sweetness and long aromatic aftertaste, fits perfectly with a Fever-Tree Mediterranean or, along with a Fever-Tree Clementine and an orange peel. This gives it a super delicious Gin & Tonic for Christmas. The gin is designed for those who want a sweeter and easy drinkable gin while at the same time introduce new and exciting flavors!

• 43% / 50 cl
• Organic and Danish gin vacuum distilled